"Humor" - Just because something makes you laugh, doesn't mean it's funny.

New information, when even only partially verified, is pleasurable, and mental pleasure is experienced in the sensation of smiling, "hmmmm", "ahhhhh", etc.

"Facts", about the inner world, when accompanied by humor, are more easily remembered/verified, than "facts", when accompanied by seriousness.

"Facts", which have yet to be verified, can be instantly verified, when clothed in threads of humor (or at least, extreme "non-seriousness"), because, they can pass (what effectively amounts to) the "blood-brain barrier" to comprehension. The barrier, in all men, is one of incredulity - the instant, immediate, resistance to anything New, or foreign.

To pass the barrier requires additional energy, which seriousness does not contain - it used to, before mankind reached a certain level of sophistication, but not anymore, because today, man has already "heard it all before"; so something else is required.

That "something" is the "hmmmmm" that often occurs, sotto voce, in people when they hear, what is to them, amazing new information. The "hmmmmm" is the beginning of a chuckle forming in the mouth, on the lips - but to really do the information justice, to really SEE something new, it must form in the belly; that connects the info (head-based facts) with sensation (gut-based experience), and can preceed instant, immediate, verification. When that occurs, the "hmmmmm" can sometimes be heard, usually only in the head, but outloud too, as "WOW!!!" or "AHA!!".

Unfortunately, what is needed is not, or very rarely, provided - that is, humorous or "non-serious" presentation of "serious" (read: real, or new) information. That's because what usually passes for such, is actually NOT - not real OR new; that is, it just resembles such, and the dead giveaway is the "seriousness" of the presentation.

But, even that can be used, by those who understand what's being discussed herein. But, again, YOU will have to add the needed extra energy, the humorous take, the non-serious take, because chances are, as usual, the presenter failed to do so.

Consider: it would be one thing to find Buddha in a room of friendly "worshippers of Buddhism", but quite another to find him in a room full of other, similarly evolved Buddhas. In the first case, you or anyone could practically predict what they'd talk about, and how they'd talk about it. But in the second case, there could be no such predictions - in fact, no one has even a glimmer of a clue how they'd "be" with each other, whether they'd even talk at all. One clue, is this: in the first case, "SERIOUS-ness" would prevail - hushed tones, little or no laughter, stern faces all around. In the second, an incredible Lightness and humor would fill the room.

The idea of humor, is one that is barely touched by religions and teachings - no one understands anything about it, except that most humor is hostile, and this built-in hostility is often the source of the humor. Stop all hostility and you've stopped 99% of all humor.

However, what is missed by all, is: why do people laugh, at all? What is going on? The non-hostile humor of impartial inquiry, is laughter at man the species, including his penchant for laughter. All other humor is at the expense of some individual.

Non-hostile humor is profitable for the brain chemistry of one in the pursuit of the truth. What if Life allows, or releases, Real Info (known only to it) out only through laughter, through non-thing-specific, non- hostile humor? That, Life does not introduce new data, new information from tomorrow, through secret writings, sacred books, exclusive groups, etc.

What if right next to everything is something to make you laugh? What if humor is the ultimate secret door in the neural world?

Summary --
There is a 'ceiling' and it is internal, personal, private, and it can be known. Few know, of course, but the rest are satisfied with bitching about the walls, never discovering, for themselves, there are NO walls - there is just a ceiling.

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