Life has a sense of humor

The relationship of Mankind to Life is such that all the "great" themes played out during a Man or Woman's life, those large events, large crimes, active and violent movements, including such recently reported activities in NYC involving the WTC, are, for Life Itself, Entertainment, perhaps humorous, perhaps ironic, whatever, but definitely on the order of entertainment, like all very-enjoyable pasttimes that one seeks on the weekends and after work, etc.

All the rest of Mankinds activities, growing up poor, white and Catholic, enrolling and graduating from UCLA, rising to Jr. Executive at Ho-Hum, Inc., raising 3 children, 2 of whom just died in a car crash, the 3rd just had an abortion, etc., etc., are NOT even felt/experienced by Life Itself. These gyrations are so hard-wired into the present-day (anyday) functioning that they are no more felt than You feel your skin fall off during the DAY.

So, attempting to 'merge' with Life (with Lifes' understanding) would mean being newly able to See so-called Negative and otherwise Non-Normal scenarios as Humorous - Instantly, without having to 'think about it' (that is, make it up). Much like sitting in the audience of the Master, as he chants the universe. You laugh where and when he prescribes, and that's quite alright.

For example: what can be said about the entire Abortion issue, that, humorously, profits one in his/her quest? Or, what about war, uprisings, great shifts of power anywhere? That is, since the whole story and its related bit-players are merely, at best, only serving the interests of Life, for one to eek out some kernel of truth, with the effort of thought, alone, increases ones Own Power of Thinking. One Sees More as one sees more.

This unknown fact is precisely the reason why people spend so much of their time talking about these 'high-concept' themes. People talk, all the time, but notice what gets on TV. This is why news shows, talk shows, discussion groups of all kinds, fare so well and are even growing in popularity. No one realizes it, but they are Learning how to Laugh at the Serious side of Human life - and it is, as a by-product, producing higher energies, finer evolutionary energies, that feed the highest parts of a mans' 'growing parts'.

While they 'think' they are figuring out what's 'really going on' by talking about the subjects under consideration (which is NOT true), they are really discovering, practically on their own (because no one understands this - they are not reminding each other, generally, to See the lighter side; except for comics and comedians, which are at the leading edge of Man's ability to 'laugh at Life'), just how silly, how humorous are men's actions and thoughts about those actions. He is learning how to be not-identified, socially, as part of civilization. This is where Life is growing. It is becoming more conscious, as we are becoming more conscious.

Summary --
There is a 'ceiling' and it is internal, personal, private, and it can be known. Few know, of course, but the rest are satisfied with bitching about the walls, never discovering, for themselves, there are NO walls - there is just a ceiling.

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