Conquering the Speed of Light

Almost everybody has heard the "fact" that light travels at 186k miles/sec, and that it is a constant limit in the universe. An individual person's relationship to the concept/question, "will man eventually conquer that speed limit (i.e., travel faster, faster-than-light travel)", reveals his inner level of consciousness, like a physical line drawn in the sand, or the physical walls of your cell.

Some people believe that engineer scientists might be able to "doctor" fuels, and containers, and ultimately travel faster than 186k miles/sec.

Other people believe that, better yet, it would be more efficient to fold space around you, such that points anywhere in the mappable universe, could be made to coincide instantly (coincidinstantly), so that even trillions of light-years away, could be reached simply by taking a next step. To consciously "step ahead".

The full conscious evolution of the first story - the animal body story - branches through the discovery of the speed of light, and the eventual overcoming of finite light speed. If you believe, as do the first group, then you are part of the first story.

The full conscious evolution of the second story - the human mind story - branches through the discovery of space folding, and the eventual overlapping of infinite space distances. If you believe, as do the second group, then you are part of the second story.

The full conscious evolution of the third story - the metaphorical symbolic story, the story of Logos - branches through the discovery of relationship building, and the eventual overthrusting of supernormal thinking/thought/intelligence/consciousness and all its extraneous offshoots - words like god, love, will, being - non-sense words having no physical connection to anything.

The computer age is an exact metaphor for this 3storied story. Since the first microchip was invented, individuals here and there found ways to overclock the processor, to make the machine run faster. The originating engineers built a steel and metal machine that had definite and certain physical limits. The human users, wanting to "get done with their work" quicker, discovered the idea of multi-tasking, and overlapping projects. The "superman/robots of the future" - overclocked ideas about overclocking the processor - realized (made real) the relationship between faster and nearer (get done faster, get there quicker).

The third story connects the first two stories. And only then, do they exist. The robot can NOT exist, unless the microprocessor is overclocked by a metaphorically aware superuser. To dream is to make real.

Realize realizations are real.

Summary --
There is a 'ceiling' and it is internal, personal, private, and it can be known. Few know, of course, but the rest are satisfied with bitching about the walls, never discovering, for themselves, there are NO walls - there is just a ceiling.

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