The Mind is a Maze
The Mind Maze Paradox

The mind is a maze - a simple maze - simply a-maze-ing.

The maze is made of language - it IS language.
The walls of the maze are thoughts - a labyrinth OF thought.
The bricks ARE words.

Unlike in the external world of mazes, everyone starts out IN THE CENTER - in the "I" of that stormy swarm of thought - and the goal, when you choose to accept it, is to get out.

Each moment, "you" are snapped back to the center. No matter how much "progress" you make to get out - you are immediately snapped back in.

And in the words of Sinjin Marcus - poet extraordinaire:
"We want our brains to fire up into extreme fluency on demand
   (with the sound the furnace makes
   when the gas hits the pilot light)"

"We want to stay close to the gooey interface,
   wherein hormones make neurons talk,
   and language meets linoleum"

"We want to be able to express
   the hilarity,
   the absurdity,
   the wafer-thin profundity
   of having a 'mind' that is compelled
   to 'make sense' of 'all this stuff' that 'happens'."

Summary --
There is a 'ceiling' and it is internal, personal, private, and it can be known. Few know, of course, but the rest are satisfied with bitching about the walls, never discovering, for themselves, there are NO walls - there is just a ceiling.

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