("the new enlightenment for the enlightened man"... from a "new-age flyer" once found)

"StepAhead" was formed organically almost twenty years ago as a loosely connected group of friends and acquaintances who began comparing notes on the general subject of, "How to live life to the fullest." (It was an experiment performed in Atlanta, but never really got off the ground. This is their flyer.)

A more diverse collection you'd be unlikely to find. Our ages ranged from under twenty to over seventy, and our occupations included everything from the professions of medicine and law; to craftsmen and tradesmen; to artists of every stripe - painters, poets, performers, musicians; to business-types including salespeople, executives and entrepreneurs. According to any demographic measure, we seemed to slice across all the divisions.

Yet we did share a few traits and interests; the foremost being an unshakeable determination that a person's sense of being alive - which is all anybody really has - could be grander, more exciting, more informative and more entertaining on a moment-by-moment basis than what everyone seems to accept. It seems that nearly all people have experienced "special moments" - peak experiences. But unlike many others, we were not content to simply remember times of wider vision and heightened sensibility. We wanted MORE. To this determination we applied our common sense, intelligence, free time and open-minded voracious investigations.

Between us, we sampled virtually every method-for-living we could find. Instead of "sampled", it'd be more accurate to say we tried them on and experienced them, each and all, from the ancient to the modern; from the institutionally established to the barely known. And while each had merit, we all still found that while there was no shortage of beliefs, there was a shortage of practical methods. But we were not pursuing belief so much as method; in fact, we found that belief itself got in the way. And nowhere did we find practical methods leading to peak experience as abundant and useful as those we had begun inventing and discovering on our own.

"StepAhead" is organized around the development of precise methods which would accelerate a person's rate of experience and intensify the sensation of being more alive, to begin using your own experience simultaneously as a scientist's laboratory and an artist's studio - a process that invigorates all parts of a person, "from tip to toe" as it were.

"StepAhead" will touch all parts of a person's life, from the professional to the personal.

Here is a sampling of topics we will address:
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Enriching Your Experiences

  • Humor: How to use it profitably [1] [2]
  • Eliminating boredom
  • Converting stress into profitable energy
  • Putting your daydreams to action
  • Using passion in your life
  • How to find the right lover
  • Circumventing loneliness
  • A new way to love
  • What to do before you get mad
  • The end to personal hostility
Increasing Your Personal Power
  • How to live the life you've always wanted
  • How to win in a "no-win" situation
  • Recognizing and altering self-defeating behavior
  • Increased freedom through increased responsibility
  • How to solve any problem
  • How to expand and enrich your creative powers
  • The lost art of having fun
  • You, as the competition
  • The miracle of the human brain and how to exploit it
  • The art of forgetting
  • The art of silence in conversation[1]
  • Understanding more than you know
  • Four-dimensional thinking [1]
  • Extending your limits
Time Management
  • How to make time your slave instead of your master[1]
  • Avoiding "down time" in your brain [1]

A child can understand growing up only by doing it, no matter how many times he might ask his parents, "What's it like?" A would-be vagabond cannot understand world travel simply by reading about faraway places while ensconced in the familiarity of home. And you, no matter how talented or brimming with life you currently may be, cannot know what it is to become even more alive, until you actually DO IT! And continue doing it. That's what "StepAhead**" is about.

**StepAhead: of the pack, of the masses, of those with one foot nailed to the floor, or those with one leg growing out of the ground? (think about it)


A "I'd always thought you found adventure in the exotic, like sliding down a mountainside, running a river, roaming a strange country or meeting a new partner. And I still do. But today, the word adventure has so expanded, that it now embraces not only the exotic, but capitalizes on the mundane as well. Using various methods, I've discovered that the special feeling of being in love, for example, resides in the most unexpected places, such as my own front yard, and my own desk at work."

B "You don't have to be imprisoned by the inevitable, repetitive flip-flop between pleasure and distress for the rest of your life. You can harness energy from unexpected sources, such as the flip-flop process itself! ... and live freely."

C "As for the business of real personal efficiency in every aspect of my life, let's just say these methods show one how to convert all wasted energy and time into active, useful, passionate endeavors."

D "Before becoming involved with this activity, I was worried about everything from nuclear war to terrorist attacks to water retention. Even when there was a break from worrying, the time was filled with worrying about why I wasn't worrying, knowing something was missing. Now I've seen for myself that there is nothing to be concerned about other than how to best use my time."

E "One of the pleasures of this wild escapade is seeing people's faces change over the years. The ones who really benefit - those who really do it - their faces seem to melt around the edges, and at the same time they become very finely focused like a sharp lens."

Try to keep your inner chatter to a minimum when reading this stuff.