Accidental awakening

Camera pans down onto the inside of a semi-darkened interrogation cell, one young black girl, and several guards surrounding her. "Why am I here?" she shrieks, clawing at the huge guard holding her back. "I didn't DO anything. Why am I here?"

Waking up without being able to, is like waking up in that cell. You thought you were in a cell before? Well, now you really are.

Why? She knows. She keeps saying it..."I didn't DO anything. I lead a clean and normal life! Let me go!"

In city life, if you don't "do anything", they won't arrest you. Only if you "do something" (nefarious, or otherwise), will they arrest and incarcerate you.

In this endeavor, if you don't "do anything" you'll disappear. Lurkers, in Life, just... well... you get the picture.

Accidental awakening is worse than no awakening. Accidental awakening is happening all around you, within you, in degrees. Some people are even "capitalizing" upon that - to their ultimate dismay. Some people are "professional criminals" at that, with books and fees and polished public persona, and are just a fateful accident away from becoming that poor young woman.