People don't want to "awaken"

People just want to Sit or Move, Sit or Move. If their "moving" is somehow impeded, they "think of a way" to improve it, remove impediments, refine implements, improve pathways, make shortcuts, fastlanes, etc. If their "sitting" becomes somehow impinged, they "think of a way" to relieve it, enhance the surroundings, chairs, walls, rooms, etc.

People don't want to awaken. They just want to live a good and happy life. And that's a lofty worthwhile Life Aim, for very few actually do, and fewer still would admit it. And they're proud of their lives - the way they've turned out. No kidding - who would chuck that, for some ascetic, isolated, mind-game? Naked and alone, in an empty, brightly-lit cell, A-UM'ing all day and all night...

People don't want to awaken. They want to understand, for themselves, "what Life IS," "what Man IS," "what the world IS." But, people don't want to awaken - even if told that's the only way to "understand."

People don't want to awaken - but they'll knowingly allow themselves to be wooed, romanced, pinned down, by a Lover that could RAPE them at will, and think it was their talent or beauty or intelligence that She wanted. NO! It was your sex, your blood, and She is a meta-whore.

You let yourself get pinned down by the logic of your own "inner ramblings," while confidently knowing that you're right. And the older you get, the more logical you become, until, there are no tolerances at all, and the whole thing freezes up altogether. When the brain dies - you're dead. Early Alzheimers anyone?