Don't Worry - Be Happy!!

The better a man "feels", the less he is inclined to "talk".

As he is, there is absolutely NO CONTROL over how he "feels". For him, IT feels whatever in the damn-hell it wants, when it wants. This is a cosmic law of mechanicality, the law of accident made manifest, in man infested.

But, to the degree that he "feels-good", to that degree is he dis-inclined to "talk-about-it". This is the cosmic law of consciousness, the law of cause and effect made monkeylike, in monkeyman - that is, this is true in all sentient creatures that can "feel". Tigers have good days and bad days, but they don't "think" about it none.

The present-day "level" of general-consciousness on this planet, the human gene-swarm, is "as high" as the general population of neuropeptides "feels" it to be. Are people, in massive numbers, killing themselves? No, they feel that suicide is stupid. Are they actively engaged in tearing down their establishments, their structures of civilization (banks, stores, entertainment salons)? No, they feel them to be necessary. Why? Because THAT is as good as they CAN feel, at this day and time.

If they, in massive numbers, started feeling better and better, in their "bliss" they'd stop talking, and nothing would EVER "get done" out there - for Life - because ACTION requires TALKING. Hence the pushing of soft "social" drugs (which, also by the way, stimulate, you guessed it, TALKING!) - caffeine, nicotine, alcohol ("and THAT is as good as you people are GOING to feel!") - while criminalizing real (fun) brain chemicals (pot, cocaine, acid, shrooms, and hundreds of others) that can make you feel, (while, by the way, often reducing the desire to talk) GR-r-rrrr-eAT! The "powers-in-power" right now, claim "Drugs are bad for you", while knowing, in fact, they make you feel GREAT - which is, on its own, GOOD for you - because to them, it's a zero-sum game. The better people FEEL, the worse it is for the Herd - Civilization, Society.

The inevitable resistance to anyone ever ACTUALLY awaking from the general level of consciousness normal for him, makes individual Enlightenment virtually impossible, and ACTUALLY impossibe in the 3D world. Nowhere is there to be found, a "Conscious Human", a fully-awakened-individual, a literal God-Man, a Walking Buddha - go ahead, LOOK AROUND, can YOU verify this? All the story-tellers you've EVER read to the contrary (as well as their critics and supporters), while "they" were alive (if they were), no one else perceived them AS Conscious. Only in retrospect, and a liberal amount of rewriting history, and perverting their own memory, do they CLAIM the person (must have been) Awake.

The resistance to anyone seeing what's in the attic, above the general level of consciousness, is the CEILING. While a totally imaginary concept at its very core, still it represents a physical limit to individual consciousness.