The Business of Education

Historically, even today, lower, primary education has always been provided by the state - never by profit-making organizations. That is, most people believe it is un-seemly, crass, to try to make a profit by teaching it's younger citizens.

And ALL children so taught, when their state/country allows it, begin their education-career, that way - the "knowledge" is given away for free, altruistically, as if it's their right and requirement, as children, to be fully-absorbed into the greater societal fold. And the offshoot of this is the built-in belief that Life owes them a proper living.

Only recently, has Life tried out "education for profit", as if trying to allow the idea to seep into the walled-off, genetic, almost instinctual belief, that Life owes them a living - a freely given right.

Heretofore, it's always been accepted that if someone is a Genuine Teacher, not a con-man, then their teaching should be 'free' - that GOD wants enlightened people down here, and so if anyone shows ANY interest, they should be given all the secrets, for free. That the Teacher, if Real, should not (dare) charge for it.

But, if it becomes accepted that neophyte adults, must and should PAY for their forced inculcation into the world-of-normals - and actually does a better job of it - then it will eventually follow that Enlightenment CAN be taught IF you pay for it - and the greater sums will presumably equal greater results - new Teachers. Such has already been experimented with by LRHubbard, in Scientology (where you Pay, to get Clear), though that's just an extreme offshoot of mainstream, organized religions where tithing is an accepted policy - and all of it wrapped in the belief in charity. That is, what you're PAYING for, is so the 'church' can take care of less-fortunate-ones in the world (the not-saved), or so 'you' can take better care of your less-conscious you (the un-awakened).

It would almost seem to be a reversing of the flow of energy - as if Life is thinking, "Well, if the FREE way doesn't seem to work anymore - hey, no one seems to be, ahem, 'waking UP!' - maybe, if you CHARGE 'em the big bucks, then they'll catch on - or at least a few more. But, of course, no one will accept that, until they can accept the other. So...."

How else can YOU explain the almost global interest in self-improvement, enlightenment, in one mundane form after another - from mediatating, to chanting, to channelling, to yoga, prayer, etc. - and ALL of it comes with some sort of monetary payment - and yet no, NAME-able "god-men", or otherwise fully-enlightened Humans walking around, either giving it away for free or charging the big bucks? All there actually seems to be, are hundreds, or thousands, of Wannabe's who think they know what's 'really happening' (which they gladly teach, for their own fun and profit) and tens of thousands, millions, or more, willing followers? The confusion of tongues, a modern-day Babel, bigtime.

But never fear. This reversal will likely not take place in your lifetime. That is, it's just too late for you. Your childrens' children may be able to PAY for their indoctrination AND enlightenment - by the time they're 20! or 30! and live lives of Real Humans - certainly before YOU ever will, if ever.

Of course, this is not cut into concrete, or burned into your DNA. That is, knowing this "reversal of energy" has pregnant possibilities, may enable certain alert individuals to do something in their own minds, regarding who and what they listen to, and how they value it. They might even discover that the people who've been teaching them for free, up till now, (their own bloody "I's") have been utter FAILURES ("hey, look at me - still not liberated"), and try something NEW.

But, as usual, What could that possibly mean?