The Business of Enlightenment

The best that secular education produces is the "PhD", signifying that the student is EQUAL to the school - knows everything "the school knows" in a particular area. Generally, in no case, does the student then set out on a course to start a new school - it probably does happen but is very rare.

In esoteric circles, the best that is produced is the student who surpasses the teacher. This too, is VERY rare, but it probably does happen. In fact, the proof that the Teacher of the School was real, and not some sham, is that one or more are produced who can and perhaps SHOULD start another school, as their knowledge and being would definitely be capable of doing so.

The idea of physical marriage producing suitable offspring, is exemplified by the first example - producing a "PhD" child, who knows everything the parents know - and when they part, it's as equals.

The idea of Cosmic Divorce producing a "more enlightened being", is exemplified by the second example - when certain students surpass the teacher and leave, without acrimony or scandal - but it is much more like a divorce than a simple parting, as they do not part as equals. In this latter case, the one who leaves is superior to the one who stays.