Teachers and Groups

Teachers and Groups.

The only reason a person needs a teacher, is because they can't recognize the truth, when they hear it. That is, to them, all is simply Bullshit. If a person learns to recognize the truth, the need for a teacher evaporates.

You need to get out of your own way. All your words are in your way to the knowledge, the truth, that you seek. The more refined and erudite, the worse it is. Like a brick wall. The brick walls of a self-made prison. Not the metaphor - prison. An actual prison.

There are many people today, trying to access the truth by a variety of means - reading, attending lectures, joining groups - but, bottomline, it's to hear other people talk "about the truth" (and think about it later), not to hear it oneself.

To hear the truth, oneself, one must break free from the prison of one's own making - stop reading, stop attending lectures, leave your groups - bottomline, do your own thinking. And get out of your own way.

Some people, here, and on other numbered-way egroups, still can't tell, for themselves, who is bullshitting** and who is not. They can read one of the many incarnations of mr. g., and believe they are hearing 'useful' information, expressed in an 'appropriate' way. But fail to ask, "now, where have I heard THAT before?" and fail to ultimately realize, "right, now I remember!"

At that point, one is free to 'do this' alone - just as it was originally meant to 'be done'.

**How to Bullshit - 101

The brain operates in two ways: thinking about what it thinks it already knows, and bullshitting (thinking about what it doesn't know). Setting aside for the moment whether it can be determined which process is occurring in others, how can one determine this for oneself?

Take any recent 'topic' on one of your egroups. Most people will write what they think they know - as clearly and intelligently as they can. Most will shun, even condemn 'bullshitting' - either fearing being labelled a fool, or because they don't know how to do it - fearing those who can.

The brain grows, the neural connections expand, when considering what one does NOT already know about, not, NOT!, covering the same ground over and over, as is the usual case, mentioned above. It's a form of 'controlled bullshitting' within known limits, like laying track down just-in-time to run over it, and picking up your tracks when done. Like skipping stones across a quiet lake at dawn. Done correctly, even a small force properly applied, can sail that litle skipper hundreds of yards. It's beautiful - when you can do it.

It's fun - when you talk about it.

It's meaningless - when you can't do it.

Talk's cheap, and the cheapest is the bullshitter.

Part 2

The "Bullshit" detector: A true and genuine "sense of humor."

Not in the Hearers of the Bullshit. In the Bullshitter.

Does the Bullshitter take his own schtick too seriously? Which vacillates between "You better listen to me, kids, because if you don't 'get this', you're doomed!" and "Love me, hug me, fondle me with kisses - this stuff I'm giving you is the literal 'word of God!'"

Some people, naive people, children, really get off on that stuff, and so Bullshitters can rope 'em in by the bucket-load.

Adults, people who have matured their common sense, about what people ARE versus what they SAY THEY ARE, are not fooled by this. Groups today, of all stripes, are populated by children, top to bottom.

Adults, are banned as soon as they're recognized.