Inner Chatter

A recent "post history", between mr A and mr B, as clipped (and editted) from another numbered-way list...

A posts: Here is an interesting idea....
B replies: Yeah, right... <snip>. But you're an idiot for posting it.
A responds: Go to hell, B.
B retorts: If you're so smart, you would know that...
A resounds: Who made YOU lord and master of this list?
B replies: I AM LORD, I AM MASTER!!! And don't YOU forget it!
A squeals: If you think I'm going to bow down to you, FORGET THAT!!
B protests: Got'cha, loser!!!
A shrieks: Eat me, bitch! I'm outa here!
C (moderator): You're both banned. Bye Bye.

This set of illuminating ruminations occur on a daily basis on practically every list at Yahoo. This dialog also occurs on an hourly basis.... in your own head!!

Believe THAT or not.
Those who've observed this - please stand up please stand up, will the REAL slim shady, please stand up!

Those who've yet to realize this - look around, don't stare, wake up.

You think you've got nothing to say, now - just wait, JUST WAIT! you will.