Children of their Lesser Gods

It's become almost fashionable for divorces to occur, nowadays, because the wife and overworked mother finally gets tired of her, to her, meaningless life, due to a possibly abusive husband - where, "All work, and no, or little, play, fun and happiness" finally take its toll on her entire thinking-being.

She finally realizes the straw that can break the whole thing -"Isn't the woman entitled to a little happiness?"

But "mom" 'in her' responds with: "No, only the child matters." And, she's right of course?!

And such is her dilemma. Should she leave it all, for selfish reasons, or should she stay and suffer? So she starts looking for a way out of that life. She goes to friends, and lawyers, and sometimes, can achieve the level of success she aspires to - she becomes a divorcée, the most rebellious act possible in a marriage of supposed equals.

People who find their own little lives, less than satisfactory, are like that unhappy wife. They are wedded to Life, and its sometimes heavy-handed methods, rules, regulations. And they are mostly unhappy, interrupted by occasional moments of genuine excitement, and the thrill of being alive.

So they go to friends, libraries, and teachers, and sometimes, can achieve the level of success they aspire to as well - becoming a follower of a 'system-to-awaken', 'method-to-enlightenment'.

People who follow systems are still like that unhappy wife - now, they are wedded to the methods, rules, regulations, nomenclature, structures, bibles/books, and just like that unhappy wife, to them, only 'the child' matters. They personally are not entitled to happiness, fun, excitement in living (as a non-follower), because only the "soul-they're-trying-to-create" matters. That child is always the most important thing - and not being conscious of having such already, they set about to conceive and then bear one.

This inbred desire to bear "a child" is found in the genetic structure of all human DNA - is a quickened fetus of intellectual capacity. The only thing that differentiates the perceived results, are the methods used to effect the birth. In the physical world, of course, it is sex, and children are mechanically produced. In the non-physical world, it is thought - or more precisely thinking, and not the mechanical "slam-bam-thank-u-mam" kind people do 24hours a day, but something quite a bit more refined. And no one has a clue what that truly means, at least to the degree necessary to DO something there.

Divorce is a cosmic principal, that has degenerated into a separation of equal partners, but began as an issuing forth of higher beings. The "gods" people believe in, are themselves fallen angels, and fallen humans - divorced, banished, from the Holy Garden that sprang them. That is, Jesus Christ, Buddha, is not a "God", nor a "god-man", but a divorced abusive husband to an unhappy wife that is now, long gone. And, so, all that "God" can do, is continue the game - of divorcing/banishing all the lesser entities, from the Holy Commune -afterall, that's how the process looks to all such "God's".

That, now free, no-longer-unhappy-wife, is the 'real God', that all the rest can only aspire to, never meet, never HAVE met.

The true Cosmic Child, is an even brasher, more powerful, unimaginably enlightened, GOD, than it's progenitor ever could be.

Physical marriages are a moebius'd mirror-image of Cosmic Divorce. You can only SEE the external never-ending plane of physicality, Yet, in truth, there is another side or aspect that can only be imagined. Once you try to 'go there' - to the 'other side' - you find you can only travel along one side.

Physical marriages produce (lesser) children of their lesser gods -parents.

Cosmic Divorce births/creates Higher GODS - transcendent thought/thinking.

One must divorce something, intentionally, to become enlightened. And that something is "my mind". (And ALL that is "contained" therein.)

GOD, once divorced, can set about creating newer bolder more creative more expressive more complex ideas about what to do next.