Contradiction, anyone?

Everyone has heard an exchange between two people, especially when both of them loudly proclaim their vast knowledge and experience with the topic in question, that goes something like this (you may have even said it yourself): "You think I'm either nuts or incorrect or simply deluded, because I don't think the way you do!" (or, its opposite: "I think you're either nuts or incorrect or simply deluded, because You don't think the way I do!")

Sound familiar?

The implication is that people CAN think differently from each other, and, therefore, someone who presents their strongly-held ideas, which seem to conflict with someone else's ideas, MUST be "thinking differently". How ELSE could it be, that the two people have, what appears to be, almost diametrically opposed ideas floating around in their heads? So, then what happens? The first person proceeds to go on and on about how the second person's ideas are faulty, and then provides example after example to support those claims.

Sound familiar? Anyone?

Then, the second person starts defending his points-of-view. And to any, ordinary, routine, eavesdropper, it all sounds EXACTLY like, the two people must not "think the same way", or else, how could they be arguing so vehemently about the same topic, in which they profess some degree of expertise?

The error is this: people do not, indeed, CAN NOT, think "differently" from each other. In fact, all people think exactly the same way - that is, the "process-of-thinking" proceeds identically, in all. Regardless of what people SAY, the same internal, mental, process produced it!

In our example, above, the first person is merely noticing that the second person expresses his ideas in a way, which the first person can not process. If he COULD process them, he would be in immediate and total agreement with them. In fact, being in agreement with them, he would not care one iota, whether they SOUND correct or incorrect, because he would KNOW they emanate from the same "device" (the human brain) that he employs to utter his own thoughts. That those "devices" are cut from the exact, same, whole cloth, and so, from that "enlightened" view, all statements by all people, are "valid enough" and, certainly, "require no alteration by Me."

Such an "enlightened" listener, might also note, that any attempt to modify or alter another's apparent points-of-view, are the very examples of stupidity, to which he, at better times, would be loathe to succumb.

What's really funny/sad/humorous/unseemly by the aforementioned interpersonal scenario, is that neither of them EVER DISCOVERS THIS, nay, never even suspects this. Both of them, blindly, go about their "business" of criticizing, condemning, and complaining, about the ignorance and stupidity of others, while completely oblivious to their own.

Even when it is pointed OUT to them, point-blank, they can not hear it, will not hear it. Why? Because they "think differently" from us? No, that can't be it - as explained above. (We all think exactly the same way). Well, then Why?

Stupidity, er, I mean Sleep.

This "scenario" is played out, internally, in your own brain, by the voices in your own head. Well, IF (and that's a big capitalized IF) you're "awake" enough to know it. Pity the poor schlub, who's so distracted, as to actually make AUDIBLE those noisy neighbors.