Crystalline communication

In a parallel (perpendicular? maybe anti?) world, all the creatures are crystalline structures - people, fishes, birds, animals, fully conscious and aware, all living and breathing and having their being, adrift in a clear, infinitespacetimelightcontinuum.

Communication, for them, is about coming into and going out of focus, at will - de-lurking. Thus, it is not the observer that 'sees' another creature, by bringing it into focus, it is the observed that is 'seen' by coming into focus. Thus, once in focus, it can be and is seen by all creatures, including lurkers, invisibly out-of-focus.

Creatures communicate while in focus with light, the omnipresent, and of course, this communication is instant, full and absent of ambiguity. Their language is simple yet complex. Many words simply do not exist - like Teacher/God (what one knows and shares, all instantly knows), like War/Death (how can you attack another you can't see unless they want you to see them). Like, well, all other words spring from the teachergod Life who is at war to the Death.

War/Death the Wet/Brain, is ruled by Teacher/God the Dry/Brain.