Desire for Freedom

Five thousand years ago or so, the "story" for explaining Man's "place" in the Cosmos, was that he had no place at all, and the Cosmos was only about as big as local neighborhood under the Night sky; he was just a thing, a slave usually, in permanent servitude to the "God-King" (whatever was His Title in that time and place), who was Omni-this and Omni-that. Usually, that's all an individual knew "about himself", unless he was high-born, and then, though still in servitude to another, he at least could feel like he was "of the same species". Otherwise, an individual was of no more value, and sometimes, less, than livestock. Escaping bondage was un-thinkable, and "Freedom" was not even a word, per se.

Two thousand years ago or so, the "story", having "evolved" somewhat due to the rather sophisticated religious overlay to language, was that gods, or in some special cases, A God, was in absolute control, with certain earthly representatives being chosen, usually the resident "Priest-King" (here and there), and the Cosmos had grown to include Nation-States, and a Heaven/Hell concept, but an individual was still totally subject to the special personal forces of that "King" - angels, devils, demons, spirits, acting through His clergy, and court. An individual, with a philosophical bent, might have been able, with much mental effort, to "think" about his OWN individual life (apart from the "local system"), to the degree necessary to make some feeble attempt at escaping bondage - or, as was later termed, gaining Freedom, even, dare one say it, 'personal freedom' - but that was very rare, and impossible for the comman ordinary man.

A Thousand years ago or so, the "story", having "evolved" somewhat due to the rather sophisticated philosophical overlay to language, was beginning to show signs that individual men and women could literally compete with the gods, or God, and subject people in similar ways AS the gods. There began to appear Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, Magicians, Shamans, etc., who could conjure beings, perform magic, manufacture potions, all for the purpose of controlling other men. Ordinary individuals, now, had to deal with a God or gods in the sky, god-kings and demi-gods on the planet, and demagogues in the neighborhood. Now, things appeared to be getting worse, not better - as far as the individual attainment of personal freedom was concerned.

Two Hundred years ago or so, the "story" had evolved to a point, due to the pseudo-scientifically inspired psychiatric and psychological overlay to language, that individual men and women were now being "affected" and controlled by inner and outer "demons" - psychological "problems" and "traumas" of otherwise ordinary-appearing people. So now, they had to contend with "beings" in their bodies and brains, "beings" in the local neighborhood, "beings" on the planet, and "beings" in the sky -all of whom claiming some authority and dominion over them - so the challenge of gaining some 'personal freedom' was looking even more difficult than ever before.

Sixty years ago (remember, evolution is speeding UP, not slowing down), the "story" had evolved to a point, that there was now super-psychological plot-elements. Besides the traumas and inner-demons of your drunken father beating your sainted mother night after night, you had to contend with "features of your personality" - big and little flaws in your personality due to mechanical behaviours that control your actions. So to all the "beings" controlling people, listed just above, we can now ADD, "features of personality" or "personality defects". Freedom is looking even more difficult to attain decade by decade.

Fifty years ago, the "story" added a new, rather cute, twist, due to the purely scientific overlay to language (jet planes, computers, radars, etc.) - the addition of "beings" from beyond the sky - Alien creatures from OTHER solar systems and possibly dimensions, who may have even been "visiting" us since before recorded history. Instead of seeing the Mother of God in your bedroom at 3am, people started seeing Skinny Black-eyed Grays. But, truth be told, you could trace this "phenomenon" of seeing "beings that aren't really there" and calling them this-or-that, all the way back to the very beginning of this greater multi-dimensional "STORY". His common language is largely responsible for the words he uses to DESCRIBE the vision, but the visions, and their causes, are largely the same down through the ages.

Anyway, about thirty years ago, the "story" gained a new thread, the scientific spin, with the discovery of quanta, neurons, peptides, dna, rna, and a quite complete (though certainly not totally complete) description of how the BRAIN operates - electro-chemically - and what is actually going on, in there, when people see, hear, feel, touch, think, remember, forget, desire, and all the rest!

So, now, modern man has competing *against* his highest aspirations:
1) biochemical interactions in the brain and brainstem
2) aliens from outer space from before and after history
3) personality defects and flaws of mechanicality
4) "beings" in their bodies and brains - demons, evil spirits
5) "beings" in the local neighborhood - witches, warlocks, magicians
6) "beings" on the planet - god-men and priest-kings
7) "beings" in the sky and beyond the sky - gods, and THE ONE GOD

The suggestion being offered here, is that due to circumstances beyond any humans' control, simply by virtue of being planted on this earth, he is surrounded by multiple levels of forces which control him, from the deep unseen innards of his own brain, to the deep unseen far reaches of outer space and time (if all the stories are to be believed), all of which constrain him in one way or another, imprisoning him to a life, not of his own choosing or control. And he wonders why he can't "remember himself", or "wake up", or "do". To add further to his "problem", this STORY is hard-wired into his DNA, into the very noisy brain cells which fill his head with dreams and fears, the source and effect of which, he has no idea. And, everybody "believes" pieces of it, depending upon their local education and sophistication. Including those who believe they are attempting to gain freedom - the "desire for freedom" is as much a part of the story as the "prison which confines him".

The solution to this "enforced captivity", Freedom, could be as simple as moving, away from the locality he now finds himself, to a **new locality**. If this place (inner and outer) is not working for you, you can either spend the rest of your lives, futilely trying to fix it, or you can move (if you CAN, that is).

Moving, from the current site, to a new site, is simple, when you know how to do it, and impossible when you don't. When you know how to do it, you forget how to do it - you just move. When you don't, you can't even get started! When you first learned to ride a bike, you had to learn it - until then you got nowhere, you just continually fell off; once you learned, you immediately forgot how, and just experienced the new-found thrill of riding -at that point, riding the bike was as simple as "thinking makes it so" - as if the bike was now a part of you, and, quite operationally, it WAS - just like your legs.

The SAME is true, with moving in your own brain. You must learn how to move, when to move, then when you find out what it takes, you forget the steps involved, because it becomes a part of your operation, your nervous system expands vertically in this way alone and it is abrupt - just like the instant, when you finally forgot how to ride the bike and then, just "rode the wind!" All other evolution at this level, is horizontal and gradual - you stay in the same prison from birth till death, all the while believing you're making 'real efforts' at escaping, but simply moving from one side of your cell to another, exchanging this view for that, this book for that, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.