There is a definite "elitism" that comes from associating oneself with the lives of others, such as following some teacher or ex-teacher or teaching. One will readily admit that association, and can not even manufacture a reason not to.

But it is real, and it is a fatal flaw in the thought-process, that affects all parts of one's life - especially those who want "more-from-life."

People, so deluded, appear fascinated by the ideas - when they can "crank it up and start their customary yammering." The allure is the mistaken, unverified belief that someone has "gone this way successfully before." They don't know this! They can't know this!

This is an abominable lie - and only one who is waking up from the dream of existence can see this.

"I know I'm a mess, now, but I'm working on it. And I'm employing techniques which can NOT FAIL ME - "the 'Work' never does." Someday, SOME DAY, you'll see, I'll be successful too, just like Mr. X., or Ms. Y., or Mrs. Z."

It's comforting, it's "self-calming", it's Nuts! It keeps you from ever Truly getting started. You're always left standing at the station, never even realizing there are no trains stopping here anymore.