the Future/Now

Time, or the understanding of Time, is the key to all-possibilities for Man, and the lack of such understanding, the cause of his stupidity.

There is only one time, right now. Man, as he is, exists "in-(his)-the-now," living along a horizontal progression from (his) past to future. And his possibilities, exist in the Future. Not the sequential future along the horizontal line, like some "tomorrow," but in the vertical Future/Now, where it crosses the horizontal line.

Man is a many-I'd-creature. Each I exists, "in-the-now."

The First thought always immediately comes with a necessary second thought. (No thought can exist without a second. "I want a drink" comes with "I'm not thirsty", or "I want a sandwich", or "I want to watch TV".) A person never waits for the second, but "goes with" the first (well, he "follows after" it, automatically, mechanically) -this is the way the mental-system is designed and is its correct functioning. It is SO correct, that a man, upon hearing about this, may realize that until then, he never quite knew that. The best he can admit to, is that the first thought was an "I", which was/is completely replaced by some next "I".

To wit: He got that drink, and then got a cookie, and then opened a letter, and then watched some TV and then and then... he died.

But that observation is flawed. The second thought came WITH the first, but was unseen (and "as such") in an un-realized future (for one).

There is also an unknown, third dimensional "vantage point", like a "cap-stone" topping the first two, (missing, of course, but at least, capable of being conceived) - the Future/Now.

All of this, is not a description of 3 "I"s.
It is the description of the first.

"How could a man escape is own level?" Which level consists solely of "I's" replacing other "I's". There is a WHOLE world, unseen, un-experienced, in-conceivable, which is infinitely adjacent to everything, yet still, completely in-accessible.

Of course there is an answer to all questions - and EACH is its' invoking question. ...questions invoke answers invoke questions..., and answers are ALWAYS forthcoming... just as "I's" are always forthcoming.

Thought-energy exists, and it moves all around the brain, following prescribed neural pathways - creating ruts, if you will; creating "you".

"I's" are not "replaced" by other "I's". There is only one "I," fractured by consciousness due to an incomplete Time sense - they only "appear" in different guises.

The First "I" contains all-proceeding-thought - and represents a portal to the Absolute - The Future/Now.

Time shifting, moving into the Future/Now, is like cracking atoms. Isolate an "Adam" in an adam-smasher, bombard it with high-energy neurons, and crack that little sucker. e=mc2. Energy is released, and it feels REEEEEALY good, unlike anything before.

Actually, what's in question here is the "reality" of the energy BEHIND words (it's like, well, you know, the words know what's going on, but people don't) - and how that energy enters a human brain, and (somehow) produces perceptible conscious thought, self-talk, and its audible outpouring speech.