Conscious Influence on planetary systems in flux

On this one world, there was only an oral tradition. All knowledge of any consequence to individual inhabitants, was transmitted verbally, and all the rest, of in-consequence, was just forgotten - there was a lot of Silence there. It would BE like (if they had writing), once they attempted encoding information onto some physical media, it would immediately dissolve and disappear. Speech was required.

The purpose of individual speech was for only one thing -establishing a 'connection' between the speaker and listener. Like 'gaining a rapport.' Once the connection was made and not broken, any information transmitted would 'do,' and it mattered less the content, than the connection. Such speech was always instantly verifiable, and had to be so to be transmitted/received. "Just the facts, ma'am."

All growth in their intellect and powers, consciousness, was due to these verbal connections between them. What one knew, to be true, and uttered, they all knew. Or, that which was irrelevant, unnecessary, or untrue, they simply forgot.


The nature of thought, is that words can be heard by different people, and mean different things to each. BUT, two classes of thought stand-out. Verbal speech between speaker and listener, and the individual internal dialog. Thought which is irrelevant, unnecessary, or untrue, will always be believed and accepted by some. A cosmic rule: if someone buys it, it's sold, it's gone, it's outahere. Thought which is true, fresh, new, real, is never believed - only perceived, instantly verified, and moved beyond....

Thought which hangs around, in the heads of its 'still-thinking-about-it' believers, is the physical media - and Death is the dissolution and disappearance of that media. Thought which comes from heads 'still-thinking-about-it', is worth nothing.