Instant Enlightenment

There is no "instant enlightenment", in the sense of "transmission from mind-to-mind" causing the hearing to awaken. Sure, things were said, something was communicated. But the content and the carrier wave were NOT the Active force that resulted in some momentary "awakening" by the hearer/reader.

"Instant awakening" sounds nice, and one could even think it occurs, especially since, if one looks to oneself, that's precisely how it appears - to oneself - "A-Ha! Eureka!". But the "one" making that statement, is the one it is commenting upon. The observer is the observed. There is no possibility of separating anything. Or coming between anything. "Instant awakening" requires "a-something" to penetrate what, to it, is a solid, whole, thing. Can't be done, no matter HOW enlightening the statement(s) were.

So, what's going on? You're here. You say you want to be here. You continue to say it. Forever. Why?

You can never believe new information unless you like the speaker. If you don't like the speaker, you can't or won't hear the information, as new or otherwise. It just sails right past your ear, over your head, zzzzzoooom, straight to the moon.

"To even one time mistake the moon for a finger is a million times more costly than visa versa."

Thought is a structure. A ceiling structure, of a room in the basement of a vast castle. All thought in you, and that you share with others, sets the ceiling (height). Any information that comes from above that ceiling, will "per force", pierce that ceiling as "new information." As a "key" to an unknown door.

People do not directly HEAR new information. People hear the echoes coming from the ceiling, AS IF the source of the information was in the room. But it's not.

Human-to-Human intellectual communication serves only one purpose - to complete a "circuit."