Leave town or Love it to death

Most people who are following paths to Enlightenment, along any of the 4 ways, believe that, appropriate information from authorized sources, utilized in the proper manner for a sufficient duration, leads to a "change in being". Their all-consuming interest & desire is for a "changed being", and that is seen as an end-result to a life well-lived.

A few people here and there, see it quite differently. They believe that with changed being, they gain ready access to abundant new information. Their interest is in the realtime access of new information, originality of thought in all its possible forms, and that is their all-consuming interest & desire - to live in the Future, Now.

Superficially, these may appear the same - being only a "play on words". Info leads to Action leads to Change, versus, Change leads to Info. But they are as different as night and day, sleep and consciousness, death and life. That is because the first belief is spoon-fed to all humans by Life at birth through the DNA, to keep people in line, so they will put-out for 6 or 7 decades, all the while believing they are making gradual progress toward their presumed goals. The second belief is and must be acquired, and it goes counter to the aims of Life, because it is abrupt change, though Life will allow a few people to play around with it so long as a ground-swell does not develop (he said, with a big smiley face stuck on his nose, for such a ground-swell could no more develop than the Deuce of Clubs could beat the Ace of Diamonds in a Poker game.)