Information is energy

Information is energy. And truly New Information is potentially explosive energy, for its source and the direction of its pointing surpasses all known structures in the life of Life and in the body of man. This potent New Information states what *will* be. It is the Future of Life in action.

Previous methods and teachings, such as the attempt to continually remember the name of god, or to be a constant observer of one's self, are no longer sufficient. Such teachings, indeed all the collected and codified wisdom of human history, spoke to, and of, a once-upon-a-time future.

But what was once the future is now the past. Once something - a word, an idea, a "truth" - has entered the bloodstream of Life; once it becomes flesh and part of the existing structure of current consciousness, it is stripped of the nutrient value which can effect any further growth. It is no longer energy-for-growth.

What is required now has never before been necessary. What is required now is New Information - not only, that extraordinary understanding is possible - which it is; not only, that there is a reality to one's dreamed-of-states - which there is. What is required now is a literal, physical description of the process by which such Understanding is accomplished.

The reality behind extraordinary Understanding and states of consciousness, is physical and literal. It is the extension of one's own nervous system. It is the intentional activation of higher, unused areas above the common level of ordinary consciousness. THAT is the Future. It is man's vertical potential, and it lies within his own body. All allusions to a journey, a path, a destination, point to this - though it is missed by practically everyone.

There is a flow of energy that IS consciousness, and ordinarily the energy-of-consciousness dissipates when it reaches the extreme upper level, the "ceiling" of ordinary consciousness natural to man. This is the level at which one feels "I" am conscious, "I" am here, "I" know this, "I" am this. It is physical and it can be seen - talk to someone and look into their eyes. It can be seen.

Ordinarily, the energy-of-consciousness dissipates at the proper, common, ordinary level - at each instant - leaving nothing with which one may attempt the extraordinary. There is simply no ordinarily available energy with which to See, to Understand. Likewise, should any real, rich, food-for-growth, any new information, seep into the system, it is bled of its potency by the time it reaches the ceiling.

There is a part of the nervous system, in a few people, that extends above the ceiling - is in touch with the Future. It is the source of your own Hearing - and your ability to hear This. It is the one part of a man that Hears that which surpasses all reason and all known structure. It is one's sole possibility for Hearing new information -for hearing descriptions that make no ordinary, reasonable, expected sense.

This does not happen automatically, even in the few physically equipped to hear and respond to these descriptions. One must have an Aim, that Aim must be solely to ignite the higher levels above the ceiling of ordinary consciousness. Once that process has started, all ideas that awakening, or enlightenment, or liberation, is a psychological process disappear. It is a physical process - not natural to man, almost impossible in fact, BUT possible nevertheless!