Practically ALL ordinary thinking participates in the process, known herein as: "Quoting others". Whole "teachings" have been established, which operate wholly by this process; either 'students' quoting the dead teacher, and elaborating on what he said/wrote, or pseudo-teachers, quoting themselves, and their latest book(s), elaborating on what he said/wrote.

One's OWN thinking operates within the limits of this dynamic, too. Consider: why does one quote another? I know some egroups, where the moderator and most others, fill up their available bandwidth, with quotations, some without comment, and most with. Their tacit implication always is that: "I value this 'quotation' and you probably should as well." No matter what their rationalization for doing so, they show, by their Action, that "if I knew that someone 'knew the truth', then it would be 'Good' to make others aware of that 'fact'".

In fact, it is not 'Good' to the perpetrator, nor to the unwary listener.

This is a form of mechanical crime, inflicted upon oneself, for it shuts out any further possibility to understand something, right then, and makes future possibilities even more limited. And, as they say in life, "Ignorance of the law, is no excuse."

When people are presented with questions they can NOT immediately "deal with", they always resort to 'the search' for what others have said, including themselves. This is right-order, but wrong-timing. That is, the process is correct, the implements-of-construction wrong. Man does not know what the implements ARE, so he continues erroneously believing wrong things, till Death. And THAT, is right order. For if someone actually "finds out what is going on - out there, in here, everywhere", he becomes a liability, though an irrelevant liability. As opposed to 'an Asset', which is what all ordinary people ARE to Life - Assets.

But, don't misinterpret the term "liability". If one actually COULD 'tell the Truth' to others, such that THEY would 'get it', then the speaker would be a liability to Life. People, all over the globe, would have awakened centuries ago, and progress would cease.

But, again, there's little possibility of such people ever 'getting it', so, that's why the speakers are irrelevant liabilities.

Irrelevant is the keyword.

When one is truly irrelevant to Life, then the chains Life binds humans to the earth by, are immediately broken, releasing the captured animal into the forest of the unknown.

Tippy-canoe and Whoop-ti-do.