Sex Talk

Talking and thinking about "this stuff" is like having sex - and, then there's the problem of premature ejaculation. You climb on and start pumping away, and perhaps you have an enlightening thought, and it explodes into an orgasm of awareness, consciousness, understanding, and then, just like in physical sex, for moments, hours, days, you don't even want to remember it, let alone talk about it, or think about it. Maybe that's what premature ejaculation is - in the brain - you get to a point that you don't want to think about this stuff anymore because it 'brings you down' from where you know you are when orgasmic. Talking to others about personal realizations seems to eventually confront the question of 'why are you doing this? Why are you talking to these people about this?'

People who talk about this stuff, with their friends, in 'work groups', email-lists, newsgroups - and there are THOUSANDS of 'em - are engaged in public mental masturbation, with premature ejaculation being the desired, though unknown, culmination of the event.

Why do I's talk to themselves, and with other people anyway? Reacting to the external world, is I's talking to other I's. There is no out there, consisting of people and things, withwhich your internal I's are conversing. I's are simply talking to themselves - always and everywhere - and "you" are simply, painfully, eavesdropping. If you're trying to exit a large apartment complex, and one of the closest gates is blocked off, and you're forced to go to the other gate - way out of your way - it is only because of the knowledge, first - of that first gate - and second - that it could have been open for you, but wasn't, that caused your inner I to react to it, possibly negatively - complaining about the apartment manager or something. (If there was no gate there that you knew about, then you'd have no prior expectation, and would just drive past that spot unperturbed.)

What causes the I's to talk to each other? If there is nothing going on for consciousness to consider, and nothing is presently 'known', then the I's will have nothing to react to. If you drive to the first gate, and can keep from 'knowing' it is not open (effectively, is NOT there) you can sail right past it without a reaction.

What does it take for the I's to talk to one another? The 3rd force in that triad is knowledge. There must be the knowledge of other words, for words to react to them. But there is no, True knowledge or False knowledge - just 'the knowledge of'.

You cannot put pen to paper, without there being a conversation in your own head. One I doesn't talk, two can talk to each other and speak and write. It is one thing to have conscious thoughts, quite another to speak them, because consciousness does not want to speak them because it's tantamount to sleep.

Perhaps, one has got to be like the Kama Sutrans, and hold back the ejaculation/orgasm. Just as there is 'running', in the moving center, that will effectively 'stop thought', there is also 'running', in the intellectual center, that will do the same. But, like a comic trampoliner, there is also 'running off at the mouth on purpose'. Not letting the lesser I's gain a foothold, nor a word in edgewise.

If being a terrific, world-class, trampoline artist is (a form of) "Art", then is a comic, clown-trampoliner (you've seen 'em - they can hardly mount the damn thing, yet perform all the same stunts as the 'expert', but with a comic twist - trip-ups, slips and falls - full of intentional inexactitudes leading to frequent, apparently painful, small calamities), a 'sham'? In truth - both are equally skilled, and the comic MAY even be MORE skilled! Both can perform the same routines. Yet, one can add the intentional 'errors' and, this being the interesting part, LIVES to trampoline another day.

It is quite known by ordinary people, that it takes as much, if not more talent, to parody a 'serious work', without killing yourself, than to perform it seriously - straight. Comic trampoliners, comic high-divers, comic-brahmabull riders, comics and comedians in general - do something WELL and then add a twist of comedy making the end-result appear faulty, or less than the more serious thing it parodies.

But, the comic KNOWS the real truth. Appearing the buffoon to the world, he actually surpasses all.