The wink;-)
Only man can 'wink'.

In fact, the 'wink-factor' is what separates 'thinking' (including ALL parts of centers), and 'higher thinking'. It's just this 'wink-factor'. And, there are 3 kinds of wink, man does, at various times, having to do with the unique relationship the speaker has with his audience, vis-a-vis his expressed opinion of the thought being transmitted, meant to indicate taking something 'non-seriously'. But when an uncouth man does it, there is usually some instinctive or sexual content, when an emotional man does it, there is some flirtatious content, when an intellectual man does it, there is a comedic or humorous content, but in all cases, it is like a 'winking' out of a source of light.

If a professor speaks about someone else's theory, and then, at the end, winks - he is suggesting that the theorys' author is either incorrect, being silly or otherwise deluded. ("nudge, nudge, wink, wink")

One could ask, who best represents an 'example' of man's 'best thinker thinking' - scientists, educators, those who write and speak publically about, usually, non-personal matters. But, ask yourself, would anything they ever SAID (in this case) be taken seriously, or would they even, if all the while, they were winking at the audience? No way! Why not? Because only higher intellect winks rightly - that is, knows 'when to do it'.