Thought is a structure

Thought is a structure - the more dogmatic, the more rigid that part of the topology. "This" is about the creation of a new, more dynamic, structure that you will into existence, thread by thread - and this new vigorous base becomes the warp and woof of your "new understanding."

Ordinary "thinking" is rigid. It conforms to "known neural pathways" and melds (blend of melt and weld) seamlessly with the fabric of "the known."

"This" is about thinking with energy alone. It is completely dynamic and fluid, and osmotically seeps out and in, rather than being absorbed into the fabric. And, rather than being an effortless often unconscious assimilation, it is an intentional and creative act of will.

"This" is about remembering, without thinking anything about it.
"This" is about thinking, without remembering anything about it.
"This" is a completely UNKNOWN process which is the literal shortcut you've been seeking, but did not know it.