"Wake up? Who - me?"

Why do people want to "wake up"? Why do they think they are not?

Is it really anything more than just, they are mentally uneasy and don't know why? People have been uneasy since 1929 or 1914 and probably even before that!!

So what's your excuse today? Was it simply that someone told you (or you read, or you remembered) that a viable "explanation" for your dis-ease, was that you were - watch it now, here it comes - "asleep?" A word, BTW, they defined for you as being "an anecdote of your dis-ease."

But, consider, is it that they TOLD you that, or is it because you BELIEVED what you heard they said (read they wrote) that set you out on this path? (Which comes first for the failing student - hearing or believing?)

And, now, after all these years, you're still trying to attain what you'll readily admit you do not now have - a fully awakened state, normal to a real Human Being.

What's holding you back? What PERSONALLY is holding you back? Not what the books reason, or the newspapers conjecture, or the newsgroups theorize, or your memories construe, but YOU, PERSONALLY -right now?

One clue is that you're as conscious "mentally" as you feel good "physically." The better you feel, the LESS you even care about this thing called "awakening." Have you never realized this? Have you never tried to go A WHOLE DAY without ever ONCE "remembering" just how asleep you are (because you were having so much goddamn FUN, that it never "came up?")

All the "ways," in general, focus entirely upon the "conscious mentally" part, and forgo the "feeling good physically."

What if you could raise your level of "FEELING GOOD", and that would have a direct and positive affect upon your "mental consciousness?"

Let's say a person was biochemically predisposed to feelings of lonliness and depression. Most days, his thoughts always found their way back to "I'm depressed..." (followed inaudibly at times, various Proofs of that Fact.)

Everything comes from the basis that "you are what we say you are, and if we say you're depressed, then you are - period." And you believe it! But, says WHO? Other sleepers?

Has another conscious human ever physically TOLD you outright, that "YOU, SALLY are quite asleep and mechanical, so SNAP OUT OF IT!"?

Haven't you EVER even considered that you might be - even with all your apparent flaws - more "conscious" (if we MUST use that term or any term) than those who are suggesting you're NOT?