Doctor: Send in the next patient, please.
Doctor: Hi - what's your problem?
        Whenever I move my arm, like this, I go to sleep.
        Whenever I lift my leg, like this, I start daydreaming.
        Whenever I turn my head, in this direction, I nod off again.
        Whenever I say words, like these, I start talking sheer non-sense,
          stupidity on the hoof - as they say.
Doctor: Well, don't DO that!
Patient: Ok, thanks.

Doctor: Send in the next patient, please.
will, ain't it a wonderful thing?

Go back to your numbered or non-numbered lists, and notice how often, if ever, such dialogs as that above, take place. I have, and can report that the percentage is ZERO, zip, nada.

People do not know what sleep is, but they can talk and talk and talk about what YOU should do about that - divide attention, contemplate your navel, self-remember, sacrifice your suffering - but they've not a clue, what "puts them asleep!"

How often, if ever, has someone actually described what reliably "puts them to sleep" and how they've dealt with it. They can only discuss "dealing with things," but never the causes.

Oh, sure, one might say "While driving, I'm usually asleep", but that's simply a cop-out. Driving is a verb consisting of a myriad sub-functions occupying the entire organism. They have NOT indicated WHAT precisely puts them asleep. Why? They can't. Don't wait around for it - it ain't gonna happen, not in their lifetime.

But, you can count on reading hundreds and hundreds or more of the same. Or, not - 'sup to you.