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"MassEmailSystem" Update, v2

This version is a companion to DeadManSwitch v2
(MES v1 was Free, but now discontinued)
v2 contains many new enhancements explained below

Simple Upgrade...
An extremely simple 10-minute setup,
a couple tweaks here and there, and
you're ready to get to work.


Below, is the "DeDupe/Batch email" form. It was designed to allow users to send out very small to very large lists of emails, for sales and marketing of products and/or services. Typically, the user will have a good/clean "master list" of emails, and then after starting the program, press "Start Sending Batch Emails"

The user has previously created the small text file as seen in the ListBox2 in red. Each line indicates an HOUR (7am thru 10pm, for example) in column 1, the name(s) of the selected master list, in column #2, and a |startline|endline| to be sent in the batch.

To summarize: Press "Start Sending Batch Emails" to begin the process, which is entirely AUTOMATIC and runs until the list#2 (in red) is completely processed. First, the selected MasterEmailList is loaded into the listbox1, and the ProcessingList is loaded into the listbox2. The listbox1 emails are processed according to the rules in each line in the ProcessingList (|startline|endline|) and the emails are sent out according to the Standard email template (below).

Below is a very simple Email template, with "instructions" to "GROUP" emails either for the To: item, or for the Bcc: item. The Bcc: item [GROUP] or (GROUP) - use one or the other - determines how the emails are delivered:
[GROUP] emails are gathered into groups, separated by commas in the Bcc: line, so that no recipient knows who received the emails.
(GROUP) emails are sent one at a time to recipients in the To: line, so that each recipient thinks they were addressed directly.
When the Bcc: item is used in this way, leave the To: line blank.

In addition, there are instructions to import a Body in html format, containing any and all desired html elements. This file can be user-created, or collected/edited from elsewhere, and saved as a file for your own use. Or, if desired, you can simply add text into the Body line if that suits your needs better.
To  :
CC  :
Bcc :[GROUP] or (GROUP) - send blind emails OR to individual
Subj:Please review our new offering
Body:[test1.html] - a full HTML body


This version is an UPGRADE from MES v1 (was free, now discontinued)

To ask any and all questions you may have, please email Bob

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