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AimStar's application design philosophy has created software that places your consultants rather than the technology at the heart of the recruitment process. AimStar's innovative "split-screen" with multiple tabbed views contain an abundance of other related information displayed in either unlimited text fields, or sortable columnar grids with user-defined colorization of specific data. It's a user interface that enables recruiters to see as much or as little related information on screen simultaneously.

Displayed below are the People Screen, the Company Screen, and the Joborder Screen. Notice the 3 primary areas of all three screens:

  • Top left red, blue, or yellow area contains the ADMIN data - names, numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Top right area, contains various buttons for specific functions.
  • Top right area, below buttons, in green, contains the snapshot view of the relevant EVENTS based upon todays date.
  • Bottom tabbed area, contains the related data for the primary record - comments, events on file, employees, references, referrals, files linked, etc.

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Your consultants will find they are able to perform multiple tasks much more rapidly and efficiently without having to continually open and close windows within the application. ALL the information that relates to a Person (or a Company, or a Joborder), is available on one screen, just a tab-click away. This user-centered design makes AimStar extremely easy to learn and simple to use. Typically, consultants are proficient users after just one day's intensive training.

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