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CPI - AimStar

A comprehensive and robust windows application for handling all aspects of the front office recruitment process, with versions
available for recruitment agencies and for corporate HR and line managers. Key strengths include user interface, speed of interaction, comprehensive searching, hierarchical keyword and skillcode database, organizational charting, people-to-joborder matching, automated data entry and resume importing, embedded email, and links to Microsoft Word and Outlook. More…

CPI - JobStar

A sophisticated job board portal template for storing and advertising jobs and applicants.
Equipped with a rich set of features and tools for job-seekers it will complement your main site with a fully functional and customizable on-line job board. More…

CPI - WebStar

Allows Agencies to provide access to the corporate database from offsite, at any time of the day and night with only an Internet browser, as well as to work online with their clients, sharing details about jobs, applicants, interviews and notes.
Provides a unique opportunity for agencies to work closely and more effectively with key clients. Primarily used by Executive Search and Retained Search firms. More…

Website design and development

If you know what you want and have the site text ready, we can turn it into a professional, sophisticated website.
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