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Webstar is designed with the active recruiter in mind, who either must, or wants to work from home, the office, the client's office, and sometimes even the coffee shop. By logging into WebStar, the recruiter accesses the home office database in realtime, and has access to all the information necessary to work more effectively with clients, and candidates.

Store all Candidates, Contacts, Business Associates, and relate them to each other ('references', and 'referrals') and to their Employers.

People are the life blood of your recruiting practice. With the CPI Webstar program you can manage hundreds of thousands of records, from anywhere in the world you have access to a browser, and with ease.

Companies can be stored in unlimited user-defined categories - as well as, linked by 'relationship' to other companies, and linked to its own employees.

JobOrders - Match New jobs to Existing Candidates.

To View and Test the CPI RecruitStar System using a small Access database
containing about 150 people, and 50 companies and 50 joborders
[ username="ted" ]
[ password="ted" ]

To View and Test the CPI RecruitStar System using a LARGE SQL database
containing about 55,000 people, and 5000 companies and 12,000 joborders
[ username="ted" ]
[ password="ted" ]


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