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JobStar Key Features

Fast Deployment

The system can be setup, customised and operational within days of order.

Job Search Options

Applicants are provided with a comprehensive set of search options to suit every taste. These include:

Quick search

Advanced search

Browsing job lists by category

Browsing featured employers' jobs

Browsing hot jobs of the week

Job Apply Options

The system provides the applicant with a number of apply options once they have tagged all the jobs they would like to apply for following a series of searches. These include:

Applicant can apply for the selected jobs without registering. In this case, they will only be asked for there name, email and Resume Word document.

Applicant can register and apply. In this case, they will be presented with an application form to complete, which will request comprehensive details from the user as well as their Resume Word document.

Applicant can login and apply. If they have already registered previously, they simply enter their user name and password and system accepts the new jobs they are interested in.

Applicant registration

The applicant registration form contains a comprehensive and discrete set of fields for capturing full details of the applicant, including name, address, contact details, employment summary and education summary.

Registered Applicants

JobStar provides registered applicants with an applications list. This shows the applicant a list of all jobs that they have applied for in the past and also notifies them if they try and apply for the same jobs in the future.

Once registered, the user can login at anytime and change their existing details, such as changes of address, contact details, employment details and availability date or to upload the latest copies of their CVs.

Consultant Profiles

The site administrator can create and maintain any number of consultant profiles.

Each consultant can add any number of jobs.

Jobs are automatically tagged as belonging to the consultant that entered the details, however they can change ownership to another consultant, if necessary.

Consultants can only view the jobs that belong to them.

Consultants can view a list of all applicants that have applied for one of their jobs.

Site Administrator Account

The site administrator has complete control over the site using the admin login account.

Maintain consultant accounts.

Customise the site, using inbuilt online content editor. This includes site colors, and banners to match the site to the corporate look and feel.

Edit pick-lists, including currencies, job categories and business sectors.

View all jobs added by all consultants.

Modify or delete any job.

View all applicants.

Delete applicant.

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