AimStar Software
(works ForWomenToo)

"Don't let 'Sudden Adult Death' syndrome 
- either by accident, natural or unnatural causes - 
catch you off-guard!"

Be prepared... 
An extremely simple 10-minute setup, 
a couple tweaks here and there, and 
your worries (at least about "SAD") are over. 

Now, all you have to do is Stay Alive long enough to never see it fire. 

It's a bit of a "Quantum Reverse Psychometry" thing - since you are now fully covered and prepared for an untimely end, the Q gods (fake vaccines, insects, crawly things, hungry pets, angry birds, and of course the merciless heropass - time) don't need to shorten your timeline. Or, maybe, they will anyway ("damn Q!")

The "horror scenario": While watching a favorite program on TV, you suddenly feel a sharp pain up and down your arm, and while clutching your chest in pain, you fall over onto the floor. Living alone, while enjoyable for many, but necessary for too many others, can be a serious situation, especially if you do not have people who are continually calling you up or coming over to "see how you are", etc. And then, there are the 2 dogs and 3 cats you've cared for for many years, who NEED TO EAT and DRINK on their time schedule! And when they don't "get their way"... well, you know what can happen, especially after 3, 4 or more days without, while you are still lying there on the floor slowly decomposing and stinking up the place. Loud meows and barking may save you, unless your nearest neighbors are just too far away, for a variety of reasons.

We've all heard this story before, especially with regard to the pets and their ever-increasing need for food and water (they see humans as food, folks.) If you are like many of a certain age or life circumstance, you need a guaranteed way to ALERT those who can "rescue you and your animal friends", and deal with the aftermath. Note: the same scenario could ensue if you were out driving at night, partying, and you hit a tree in an area where there are no services or people. Et cetera, make up your own (but don't go into too much imagination here, okay?) And in case you might think, "Oh, it can't happen to me... I'm too young and healthy!" Well, hopefully you are right, but one never really knows, does one? Or... "better safe than sorry."

"DeadManSwitch"(tm) is always running, and if you are NOT THERE to CANCEL its operations, emails will be sent to those who can help in a timely way, and do what is necessary.

Many use DeadManSwitch as a morning
'alarm system', linked to their music files.

~~~~~~~~~~~My Settings Form~~~~~~~~~~~
This form is used to access, view, modify
all of the Main Settings files.

~~~~~~~~~~~My Searches Form~~~~~~~~~~~
This form is used to search music files in current folder
by number or up to 3 words

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EMAIL TEMPLATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Custom Email Template
where you specify your standard outgoing email terms
You can use simple text, or complex html as on this page.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GROUP SETUP SCREEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sample Groups Setup Page
in order to send specific emails
to specific people at specific times

And remember.... you may not think you need this for YOUR HEALTHY SELF...
but think about your pets going without sustenance for days and days and days...
or your friends who you may not have kept up with so well over the years...


Important Note: DeadManSwitch is written for Windows 7 or higher pc's
with MS.Net 3.5 or higher (see image)


If you want to know and see more: email Bob OR
Click LINK to download the virus free zipfile, and read brief instructions.

No complex installation required.
Simply unzip into a folder and you're almost done.
[ protected so far, thanks]

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Last and final thought:
"Every one of those unfortunates during the process of existence should constantly sense and be cognizant of the inevitability of his own death as well as of the death of everyone upon whom his eyes or attention rests. Only such a sensation and such a cognizance can now destroy the egoism completely crystallized in them that has swallowed up the whole of their Essence, and also that tendency to hate others which flows from it." George Gurdjieff

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